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I have been playing on violin since I was 6 years old. When I was 10 I was admitted to the Special Young Talents department of the Franz Liszt Music Academy.

I have learned there a lot about classical music so now I’m using it as my base of every cover that I would like to play.

Recently I started my Youtube channel so now I’m creating my music videos. To make this happen I have been learning to play on guitar, drums and also on piano. I have also learned how to make similar videos like the people who inspire me musically (e.g. Oli Sykes, Kurt Cobain, Slash etc..) and I inspired from Peter McKinnon how to make quality content.

I wanted to reach more people and created an Instagram account. I can tell, I did every single thing you can see there from the pictures to the lil videos. It’s all about hard work to make my dream come true, which is a living out of music. I literally spend most of my days in my room to make this happen so you can enjoy it.

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