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MEMBERSHIP (coming soon)

I'd like to connect more deeply with those who enjoy my work, so I've created the YouTube Channel Member option. By joining, you not only support me in creating daily content but also gain access to certain benefits.

 - You can suggest songs in the comments of an exclusive member-only posts. These are the songs you'd like to see me cover in the form of my Daily Videos.

 - You will also have access to a member-only exclusive "just chatting" question and answer livestream twice a week, where we can chat.

 - You can gain access to all the sheet music uploaded in the past months on the first day of the month (more than 27 violin sheet music monthly)

 - Downloadable mp3 and wav files for all my Spotify releases (day one)

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  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
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