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Hey Everyone,

I’m a violinist and I have been playing on it since I was 6 years old. I recently started my YouTube channel and created an Instagram acc. in order to make my dream come true. 

I wanna be able to create a living out of music and you can help me achieve that by streaming it on several platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer) and  the new step is now to creating a patreon page where I will be providing you access to a lot of private content. You have two options.

In the firs one (which is cost only 1$ A MONTH!) you can be more informed about me such as what i do or what im working on recently. You’ll get a free MP3 track for every song I post on a week.

Now the second one is more about me because in addition to know what im doing, you can able to see how my days are when I’m shooting and a full BEHIND THE SCENES video about it. Every week instead of MP3 you will get a .WAV which is the rich quality of the sound. If you choose this option it's only cost 2$ A MONTH. 

Make your choice and come along with me in my music journey

thanks, luv, REWOD

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tier 1




Thank you so much for being a part of my Patreon community, I can not appreciate your support enough!

+Unlock my Exclusive Patreon Activity Feed This is where I'll answer your questions & comments, post pictures for upcoming projects.

+MP3 Downloads Get MP3 track downloads for each song you support. That's one song every single WEEK!

  • Exclusive Patreon Activity Feed

  • MP3 Downloads

tier 2




+Weekly Behind The Scenes Videos You can watch how I  make my weekly cover videos.

+Lossless .wav Downloads Receive the highest quality audio files of my covers.

And everything in the previous tier

  • Weekly Behind The Scenes Videos

  • Exclusive Patreon Activity Feed

  • Lossless .wav Downloads

  • MP3 Downloads

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